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August 2022 Electrical Apparatus


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Electrical Apparatus is the monthly magazine and virtual community for electromechanical professionals who design, specify, use, sell, operate, maintain and repair electrical equipment.

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In the August 2022 EA!

​Conventions & Trade Shows

23 EASA looks ahead

This year’s convention was buzzing with talk about emerging technology and recruitment

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor, and Charlie Barks, EA Associate Editor 

32 The 2022 EASA Convention in photos
Scenes from the conference rooms and the expo

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor, and Charlie Barks, EA Associate Editor
Say It Right 
22 No standard covering standard 

The meaning of the word is sometimes subjective

By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor 

Electric Avenue
34 Flights of fancy

Some top engineering minds are finding ways to electrify aircraft

By Carol Brzozowski, EA Contributing Writer

Water & Wastewater Management 

37 What’s next in water technology
Leading manufacturers provide a glimpse of the future

By Carol Brzozowski, EA Contributing Writer
Motors & Generators 

41 A matter of motor size 

Beware of terms and definitions that appear to apply to various sizes of motors but in fact don’t

With trilingual summary

By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor

More Than Accounting
47 Accounting for growth

Prepare yourself and your company for opportunities

By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor 

48 It’s almost dry
In the midst of drought, environmental efforts are hamstrung

By Charlie Barks, EA Associate Editor  

Training & Education 
50 A path to rehabilitation

SafeHouse Ministries helps the formerly incarcerated and the addicted find careers in the electrical industry

By Emily Halnon, EA Contributing Writer

Plant Life

52 Manufacturers shouldn’t be afraid of the dark

As more factories become “dark,” automation plans and systems become more complicated — and more simple

By Anna Claire Howard, EA Contributing Writer

Pump It Up 

54 A new center for water research opens in Washington

And a pump manufacturer whose mission is to ‘solve water’ has put its resources behind the new venture

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

Comment - Water in the summertime 

Let's Solve Your Problem -   Answers to questions about motor operation and maintenance

Business - The news in photos from Nidec, FANUC, and WEG

Associations- The increasingly international profile of U.S. associations  

Plant happenings  - A baby formula plant reopens, a textile plant moves

Know your industry  - The Alliance for Water Efficiency is plugging the leaks  

Calendar  -  Upcoming events on automation, water, and manufacturing

EA reader profile - The prolific Larry Bobo of Bobo Technologies 

Product showcase  -   A sneak peek at a few of the products at Weftec  

Speaking of  - More about building a nationwide EV charging network

Names & faces - Personnel changes at Lakeland Electric and Lordstown Motors

Utilities  -   A shortage of utility workers as hurricane season begins

Classified advertising  - Your monthly marketplace for equipment, businesses, and more

Cy’s Super Service  - The electrical service industry’s most prominent curmudgeon

EA puzzle  - A word search puzzle about the water industry

Moe, Genny & friends - The surreal world of an anthropomorphized motor and generator

Direct & current  - A win for maintenance at CERN, and a setback for workers at Ford 

Advertising index  - Who’s who—and who’s where—in this issue of Electrical Apparatus


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