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Electrom Instruments

EASA Booth 915

Electrom Instruments

Electrom Instruments is a technology leader in motor analytics, surge testing, coil testing, and more. The iTIG series motor tester and winding analyzer features over 20 high- and low-voltage tests including high frequency surge and automatic partial discharge tests that find more cases of insulation weaknesses than other testers.

The iTIG fits any budget with 4 models to choose from with additional feature options and advanced reporting capabilities. Automatic testing saves time and ensures motor repair and maintenance professionals can conduct the same test, the same way, every time for consistent results and data trending. Designed to be rugged and compact, users can carry the iTIG in the field or use it as a benchtop device. Connect to the Electrom Power Pack, an external portable power pack for high voltage testing up to 40kV.

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