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Helwig Carbon Products

EASA Booth 519

Helwig Carbon Products

A leading supplier and manufacturer of sliding and rotating electrical contacts. This includes: carbon graphite, metal graphite, and silver graphite engineered brushes and contact shoes. Helwig Carbon also manufactures constant force brush holders, adjustable slip-ring brush holders, and constant force springs. All three components are engineered as a set to deliver exceptional performance.
Also manufacturers of Bearing Protection Kits for motor shaft grounding, featuring silver graphite brushes and custom engineered holders. Helwig bearing protection kits are approved by major OEM's and have ULR approval. Additionally, the BPK-Probe Shaft Voltage Detection Device allows a user to measure the risk for bearing damage due to induced shaft currents.
Also a leading manufacturer of specialty carbon carbon graphite components such as vanes, bushings, bearings, and seals.
All Made in America.

Contact: Kevin Koenitzer
@: kevin.koenitzer@helwigcar
(P): (414) 354-2411

8900 W Tower Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53224

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