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Electrical Apparatus & Machine Co.

800-528-3823; 1-855-617-6867

Electrical Apparatus & Machine

Specializing in Squirrel Cage Rotor Repair And Manufacturing. Efficiency & Experience You Can Count On.

Machinery Manufacturing Gastonia, North Carolina

Electric Apparatus & Machine is dedicated to providing only the best and highest quality electric rotor repair for motor repair shops worldwide. Stators: At Electrical Apparatus, we understand the significance of your motor repair, and therefore restore AC and DC stators to service in a timely manner with repairs of the highest quality. Pole Piece Repair: Are the pole pieces in your motor damaged? At Electrical Apparatus, we have the resources and the diligence to provide repairs and manufacturing solution to your pole pieces. Armatures: We have a team of talented technicians that possess extensive experience in providing armature repair and manufacturing. Rest assured, you will receive the best armature repair in a timely manner. Laser Cut Laminations: Our mission when it comes to laser lamination is to offer the best, quality silicon steel lamination for motors, rotors, armatures, and stators in a timely manner.

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Electrical Apparatus & Machine Co.

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