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HBCUs announce engineering program, request for project ideas

SOC (Student Opportunity Center) of Alexandria, Va., has announced an initiative with over 1000 HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) and HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution) classes in the areas of business and engineering.

For Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters, these business and engineering classes will work with selected companies on 4-12 week Experiential Learning Projects. The group is looking to get you involved!

"Please submit a 2-3 sentence project idea here to be considered, or book a call below to learn more and receive guidance for coming up with a project idea," SOC's announcement reads. Here are some details provided in an email sent by SOC to EA:

  • 4-12 week project length

  • Meet with the class (virtually) every 1-4 weeks

  • Fall Semester: August-October start-dates | Spring Semester: January-February start-dates

  • Create one project, work with multiple classes (100s of students) at a time

  • Business Project Idea Example: Students will create a go-to-market strategy to bring [X] product into [Y] market.

  • Software Project Idea Example: Students will build a new front-end to our website.

The email added incentives for companies to join:

  • Talent pipeline. Work with hundreds or thousands of students at a time. Hire talented students and meet your DEI hiring goals.

  • Get creative work done. Receive 250-1000 hours of creative work and insights.

  • Give back. Provide a valuable learning experience and career access/guidance to students

Use the link above or go to the SOC website at to learn more.

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