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Housing Suspicions

Massive NYCHA takedown involves plumbing, repair contractors

The largest single-day operation in the history of the Department of Justice occurred this week, and it involved plumbing and repair contractors.

At least 70 NYCHA employees were arrested Tuesday in federal corruption investigation in NYC, which reportedly involves contractors (who were reportedly forced to pay kickbacks to the Housing Authority superintendents/employees in question) and jobs like plumbing and repairs.

The New York City DOI (Department of Investigation) cited 14 recommendations ithas issued to the New York City Housing Authority (“NYCHA”) in connection with bribery and extortion charges against 70 current and former NYCHA employees. "Several of the recommendations, specifically numbers one, seven, and nine are similar to recommendations issued to NYCHA in 2021, and which NYCHA ultimately rejected," the document reads. You can view all 14 of the recommendations in depth here as we continue to monitor the situation.

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