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Submit your abstract now for the power industry's upcoming conference

Experience POWER week is approaching, and the conference is looking for contributors to share their experiences and any useful material they might have. The event consists of electricity generators meeting to collaborate with energy leaders "across multiple verticals and initiate the vision for the future of power generation." Taking place at Savannah (GA) Convention Center, which recently finished an expansion, the show is made up of three conferences: Distributed Energy Conference, Electric Power Insights, and HydrogeNext.

The show is seeking abstracts from individuals with first-hand experience in a number of topic areas. It specifically encourages overarching themes related to the energy transition, which are listed below, including things like grid modernization and electric vehicles.

Recent expansions to the Savannah Convention Center in Savannah, Georgia.—Savannah Convention Center photo

The deadline to submit abstracts is March 24, 2023. Showrunners say they are seeking "practical solutions and case study/lessons-learned abstracts addressing the following topics", broken down in accordance with the various conferences taking place:

Electric Power Insights Conference:

  • Financing

  • Regulatory Updates

  • Workforce

  • Transmission & Distribution Infrastructure

  • Emerging Power Generation Technologies

  • Carbon Capture

  • Supply Chain Issues

  • Lesson Learned from Extreme Weather Events

  • Grid Modernization Challenges

  • Digital Solutions

  • Operation and Maintenance Best Practices

  • Advanced Nuclear

Distributed Energy Conference:

  • Incorporating DER's Across the Grid

  • EV

  • Battery Storage

  • District Energy

  • Backup Power

  • Project Development Policies and Rules

  • Creative Finance

  • Microgrid Solutions

  • Community Solar

HydrogeNext Conference:

  • Safety

  • Electrolyzer Technology

  • Cross-Sector Hydrogen

  • Large-Scale Project Updates

  • Hydrogen Hubs

  • Financing

  • Storage

  • Membranes for Separation, Purification, and Ion Transport

  • Green Hydrogen Production

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