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Schneider on Energy

Company details new software innovations at summit

Barbara Frei (pictured) spoke at Schneider Electric's recent summit.—Schneider photo

Schneider Electric, as part of its effort to drive digital transformation of energy management and automation, recently called for industry "to move beyond focusing solely on output, and to embrace a model that helps combat both the climate and energy crises," at an appearance in France.

Speaking at the company's own Innovation Summit World Tour 2022 (Schneider's annual flagship series of customer and partner events), senior company executives highlighted that traditional approaches to industrial development were not designed to meet the challenges posed by climate change, the current energy crisis, market and supply chain volatility, and deep socio-economic tensions. Specifics addressed were:

  • Software innovations from Schneider Electric's Industrial Automation business enable more sustainable industrial operations

  • Enhanced human-centric solutions, including a new cobot in the Lexium range and EcoStruxure Automation Expert, announced at annual customer event

"To continue on our journey to net-zero, we must integrate sustainability, circularity, resilience and quality of life into every step of industrial decision-making," said Barbara Frei, Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric. "Digitalization, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and automation have driven growth, but this must also benefit society, deliver decarbonization and protect our Earth's limited resources. Industry needs to embrace next-generation technologies, where every innovation empowers workers, advances society, enhances well-being, and delivers economic growth, sustainably."

SE's Industrial Automation business also used its 2022 customer event to unveil several new offers that focus on promoting engineering effectiveness and meeting the challenges of worker shortages. These aim to "empower the modern industrial workforce to work more effectively, reduce commissioning time, prolong the lifetime and efficiency of machines, and reduce energy use."

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