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Shermco Wants You!

Reputable Texas-based electromechanical company's acquisition program

Shermco Industries, the reputable Irving, Texas-based electromechanical company, is pushing its acquisition program and partnership model with new details. According to the company's website and e-mails to Electrical Apparatus, Shermco is actively pursuing new partners and acquisitions. Here are some of the main incentives the company offers:

Successful Partnership Model

Shermco began as a family business in 1974 and has had a successful history of partnering with, integrating, and growing acquired businesses, while preserving the legacy of prior owners.

Experienced Leadership Team

"Our board and management team are accomplished professionals with significant experience growing larger organizations," Shermco says.

People-Centric Philosophy

The company believes a people-centric approach fosters a culture of trust and growth.

Strong Financial Partner

Reduce the risk of further reinvestment into your business by partnering with a larger organization with a sizable balance sheet seeking to invest in the continued development of both your people and organization.

Benefit from Economies of Scale

Gain significant leverage in negotiations with suppliers and customers, a robust national infrastructure and salesforce, expanded operational expertise, dedicated procurement department, and financial partners that will facilitate sustainable growth for years to come.

Growth Acceleration

"We don’t just see your business for what it is—we see it for what it could be," the company states on this new section of its website, adding that Shermco can help provide capital and resources, execute internal strategies, accelerate growth through additional add-on acquisitions, and cultivate synergies between our businesses.

Integrity and Transparency

Shermco believes in transparent communication and ethical business practices: "You can trust us to uphold the highest standards of integrity."

Certainty and Quick Closing

"With our dedicated financing and backing of a leading private equity firm, you can expect both certainty and speed in closing the deal."

Flexible Employment Transition

"We are flexible and will work closely with you to determine the right amount of day-to-day involvement for all parties involved."

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