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To Protect and Servo

New line from German company looks promising

The German drives-maker Baumüller has launched a new generation of servodrives which are up to 50% smaller than their predecessors, "as well as delivering peak currents that are 30-50% higher," according to a company press release. The b maXX 6000 drives also incorporate newly developed safety functions that shorten machine cycle times, improving performance. They can can be used as sensors or sensor hubs and offer scalable IoT connections to the cloud.

The new drives offer two forms of built-in control: softdrive PLCs with a cycle time of ≥62.5μs; and the PLC di with a fieldbus cycle time of ≥250μs. The softdrive PLC combines motion control and PLC functions and complies with IEC 61131. Simple computing of digital inputs or even complex control algorithms can be carried out decentrally.

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