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Webinars With Good Vibes

Two upcoming options (one free!) from the Vibration Institute

A quick update on upcoming webinars from one of the most reliable sources for education and training in the industry: the Vibration Institute. VI is hosting a free webinar about its membership on February 15th.

"Join us for a FREE Membership Webinar on February 15th! If you are currently a member and would like assistance on navigating our member portal or if you are looking to become a member, we'll review the benefits of membership as well as an overview of our member portal features next month! All are welcome to attend!"

The deadline to register is Tuesday, February 13th. You can register at this link on the VI events page.

Secondly, a paid webinar on an interesting topic will take place February 20th: Are Mobile Phones Becoming the Best Predictive Maintenance Tool?

These webinars are FREE for Members of the Vibration Institute and $30 for Non-Members. All webinars are recorded and can be viewed for FREE by Members.

Finally, VI training courses are set to take place in Houston, Knoxville (TN), and College Station (TX) over the next three months. Click here to learn more and view a full schedule.

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