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Electric Coil Service

(610) 921-3191

Electric Coil Service (ECS)

Electric Coil Service (ECS) is a leading provider of replacement electric coils, serving our commercial and industrial partners since 1951. ECS’ commitment is simple: produce electric coils that work precisely and deliver them on time, every time.

ECS’ 32,000 sq. ft. plant is dedicated solely to making coils for your motor repair needs. Our technicians have years of extensive experience working with all types and sizes of stator and armature coils. Every member of the ESC team is satisfied only when we deliver the finest replacement coil available.

Independently owned and operated, ECS’ unique approach to customer service has made it a valued partner to many long-term customers. ECS offers these advantages:

ECS tests EVERY coil it produces, rather than performing random testing on some coils. We ensure that you can rely on the coil we deliver.

We offer 24-36 hour shipments on most emergency orders. ECS can ship your coils quickly and on time.

ECS is all about quality and service. ECS coils meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Your coil specs can probably already be found in our vast inventory.

For more than 60 years, ECS has built a reputation for excellence in coil replacement manufacturing and customer service. We have achieved that one coil at a time, one customer at a time. We invite you to CONTACT US and experience the ECS difference.

Electric Coil Service

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