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Mitchell Electronics


Mitchell Electronics, Inc

Mitchell Electronics, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing products for the motion control industry since 1979. We offer servo motor and feedback solutions for customers working with permanent magnet brushless AC or DC servo motors, incremental encoders, serial encoders, and resolvers. Our products are used for repairing servo motors, offering encoder diagnostic and alignment capability. Customers interact through the Athena Windows PC software application and the Bobcat online servo motor information database.

New features are added continuously, such as the Fanuc “Alpha i” serial High-Speed protocol mode, SICK Stegmann Hiperface DSL, Heidenhain EnDat, BiSS, and Mitsubishi HG. Legacy styles such as Yaskawa C Channel Encoders, and hall effect sensors and tachometers, as seen on Baumuller servo motors are also supported. We also offer personalized product support and training, as this is essential for saving time and improving quality. Training sessions can be brief, spontaneous, and customized to the skills and learning ability of each individual.

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Mitchell Electronics

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