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May 2022 Electrical Apparatus

EASA preview!

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Electrical Apparatus is the monthly magazine and virtual community for electromechanical professionals who design, specify, use, sell, operate, maintain and repair electrical equipment.

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In the May 2022 EA!

Plant Life

10 Robot workers for rent
Companies are now offering robot rentals for cheaper than a full-blown commitment 

By Leah Zitter, EA Contributing Writer
Conventions & Trade Shows
16 Midwestern homecoming

This June’s convention of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association returns to the association’s home city

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor 

20 Archers, at the ready!

EASA to meet in a revitalized St. Louis

By Charlie Barks, EA Associate Editor 
Training & Education  
30 Earn while you learn

An IBEW apprenticeship provides entry into the trade

By Emily Halnon, EA Contributing Writer

Electric Avenue
32 EV tech continues to innovate

Just when we think we’ve heard it all about electric vehicles, the technology behind EVs keeps developing

By Carol Brzozowski, EA Contributing Writer


34 An ‘energy transition for all’

How companies nationwide are responding to an initiative sweeping the energy industry

By Charlie Barks, EA Associate Editor
Service Shops & Electrical Departments

37 Work on the Ether-EDGE

Shreveport-based service business Etheredge Industrial Services is filled with workers who put their all into their work

By Selena Cotte, EA Managing Editor 

Motors and Generators
43 ‘Are you sure about that?’

Separating the true motor maxims from the false ones With trilingual summary

By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor

48 Designed and built for severe duty

How IEEE Standard 841 came to be

By John Malinowski, EA Special Correspondent

More Than Accounting
50 The economy post-Covid

What can we expect in a slow but steady economic recovery?

By William H. Wiersema, CPA

Safety & Health 
54 This ‘UL’ stands for ‘umlaut’

A safety certification body with a new-world, hands-on approach By Charlie Barks, EA Associate Editor

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

​Pump It Up 
58 The sustainability race

All of the major pump manufacturers practice what they call ‘sustainability,’ but just what does the word mean?

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior 

Also -- 

Comment - An electrical past and future 

Let's Solve Your Problem -  Of service factor, winding supplies, and boiler room boilerplate

Plant happenings  - Heavy-truck plant comes to Texas, Intel opens in Oregon

Know your industry  - The American Nuclear Society promotes safe nuclear practices 

Associations-  NEMA outlines opportunities in the Infrastructure Act

Calendar  -  Upcoming events on clean power, manufacturing, automation

Names & faces - Personnel changes at Turntide, Bluon, and Manhattan Mechanical 

EA reader profile - Timothy Keck’s lifetime of learning and motors

Letters- Questions about early grid legislation ’ 

Business - A Tampa Armature acquisition and WEG’s big hydrogenerator

Speaking of  - Paw-ternity leave’: progressive idea or a harbinger of madness?

Product showcase  -  What’s new from Siemens, WEG, Grundfos, and Platinum Tools 

Utilities  -  Fire safety audit finds California utilities are falling short

Classified advertising  - Your monthly marketplace for equipment, businesses, and more

Cy’s Super Service  - The electrical service industry’s most prominent curmudgeon

EA puzzle  - A crossword puzzle based on EA’s March and April issues

Moe, Genny & friends - The surreal world of an anthropomorphized motor and generator

Direct & current ‘ - Manufacturing employment rises, and the first Amazon union

Advertising index  - Who’s who—and who’s where—in this issue of Electrical Apparatus


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