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May 2023 Electrical Apparatus

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Electrical Apparatus is the monthly magazine and virtual community for electromechanical professionals who design, specify, use, sell, operate, maintain and repair electrical equipment.

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In the May 2023 EA!


 16 Battle for the climate   

IPCC’s 2023 report paints another grim picture, but some people push back

By Charlie Barks, EA Managing Editor 

Conventions & Trade Shows 
 20 Ninety years young  

 The Electrical Apparatus Service Association will celebrate a milestone anniversary when it convenes near Washington, D.C., June 24-27

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

26 Capital ideas!   

Click here to explore the websites of EA advertisers who are exhibiting at the  EASA 2023 show. 

28 Let’s capitalize  

Opportunities remain for our industry, even if you’re currently swamped

By Charlie Barks, EA Managing Editor 

Electric Avenue
 31 Speed bumps in the EV road  

Across the U.S., promoters of electric vehicles are confronting new challenges

By Carol Brzozowski, EA Contributing Writer


35 Stern takes a bow

Stern Pinball, a manufacturing marvel with a storied history

By Charlie Barks, EA Managing Editor

Motors & Generators  

41 Fundamentals of motor condition monitoring

A look at the devices, both analog and digital, that help keep motors running in peak form

By John Malinowski, EA Contributing Writer

More Than Accounting   

43 A business planning agenda

Carrying inventory means higher costs, which must either be absorbed or passed along to the customer

By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor

Training & Education  

46 Virtual reality goes to work

The kids might not love VR, but business does

By Chelsea Fisher, EA Contributing Writer

Plant Life  

48 Pennsylvania strong

 In March, the Keystone State weathered two brutal work accidents in a week

By Charlie Barks, EA Managing Editor 

Pump It Up  

52 The best in pumps

At the recent Pump Industry Awards gala in the U.K., people who went home with plaques to hang on their walls weren’t the only winners

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

The Editor's Comment -  Viewing the new and the historic   

Let's Solve Your Problem -  Answers to questions about motor maintenance and standards 

Business - Electrical manufacturers among 2023 Energy Star winners

Associations- What’s current in podcasts from major associations

Speaking of - New in nanotech: from trash to tiny beautiful treasure

Know your industry  - Steely Dans: The American Institute of Steel Construction  

Plant happenings  - One North Carolina plant to open as another one closes  

Names & faces  - Changes at McNaughton-McKay Electric and Orient Electric  

EA reader profile  - Scott Griffing discovers what’s valuable

Calendar  -  Upcoming events on manufacturing, service, and energy

Product showcase  -   What’s new in motors, cranes, steel, bearings, and more 

Utilities  -   ‘ Utilities join forces to fight scammers 

Classified advertising  - Your monthly marketplace for equipment, businesses, and more

Cy’s Super Service  - The electrical service industry’s most prominent curmudgeon

EA puzzle  -  A crossword puzzle based on EA’s March and April issues  

Moe, Genny & friends - The surreal world of an anthropomorphized motor and generator

Direct & current  -  Strike-out pitcher an electrical technician; Tesla and right to repair

Advertising index  - Who’s who—and who’s where—in this issue of Electrical Apparatus


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