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Managing Controls

The Complete Book of Motor Control Application and Maintenance

By Richard L. Nailen, P.E

Explains the basics of control technology and components, such as relays, contacts, switches, and resistors.

From the author of Managing Motors comes this useful guide to electromechanical and electronic motor controls. Beginning with the principles of circuit diagrams, the author explains the basics of control technology and the fundamentals of control components like relays, contacts, switches, and resistors. He then shows how these components and principles come into play in the operation of automatic transfer switches, mechanical and electronic motor starters, motor control centers, and motor circuit protection.

130 pages; 157 illustrations; hardbound.

If you prefer to order by telephone, call toll free 1-800-288-7493.

Managing Controls


    Circuit Diagrams

    The Science of Control Operation

    Power and Control Relays

    Electrical Contacts

    Panel Lights

    Key Interlocks

    High-Power Resistors

    Automatic Transfer Switches

    Mechanical Motor Starters

    Electronic Motor Starters

    Motor Control Centers

    When Off Doesn't Mean Off

    Transient Voltage Dips

    Motor Circuit Protection


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