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Service Shop School: Electronic Controls for the Motor Technician

By Peter T. Kulak, E.E.

Reprint of a popular Electrical Apparatus series on motor control troubleshooting. Covers basic electronic theory, components, and the operation, replacement, and repair of controls.

As Peter Kulak says in the preface to this book, electronic controls have grown in sophistication over the past few years -- and the rate at which they have done so has been matched only by the rate at which manuals about them have been published. In the field of electric motor maintenance, this has made some control problems more complicated than they really are. Consequently, today's motor technician, when confronted with a straightforward problem, often finds himself with no place to turn for straightforward advice.

Service Shop School was written with this dilemma in mind. Specifically, it was written to help technicians decide which malfunctioning controls need to be replaced and which ones can be repaired. In twenty-three brief chapters, the author covers basic electronic theory, including the principles of conductance, reactance, and magnetism, and then shows how these principles come into play in the operation of semiconductors, transformers, starters, regulators, and the like. From there he describes how these components and controls work in unison to make motors run.

92 pages; 236 illustrations; paperback.

If you prefer to order by telephone, call toll free 1-800-288-7493.

Service Shop School


    Conductors & Resistance



    Magnetics & Magnetism

    Putting Our A-C Power to Work

    Power for Inductive and Capacitive Loads


    Squirrel Cage Induction Motors

    Wound Rotor Induction Motors

    Protecting Motors


    D-C Motors

    D-C Motor Basics

    Troubleshooting D-C Motor Drives

    Controls & Regulators

    The Op-Amp

    The Speed Control

    SCR Circuitry

    Bridges & Gates

    Eddy Current Devices

    Clutch Controllers

    Variable Frequency Controls

    More about Variable Frequency Controllers

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