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March 2022 Electrical Apparatus

What's hot in HVAC/R

Electrical Apparatus is the monthly magazine and virtual community for electromechanical professionals who design, specify, use, sell, operate, maintain and repair electrical equipment.

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In the March 2022 EA!

Electric Avenue

20 A new dawn for battery production in the U.S.
At the heart of a plan to manufacture EV batteries is a close public-private partnership

By Carol Brzozowski, EA Contributing Writer
Say It Right
22 ‘What do you mean by that?
Communicating the service needs of a rotating machine isn’t always easy

By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor
Plant Life 
26 Updating your plant’s HVAC/R systems 
New trends in the HVAC/R sector promise to revolutionize the way we heat and cool buildings

By Selena Cotte, EA Managing Editor 
Conventions & Trade Shows
27 Conference season is heating up
This year’s AHR expo in Las Vegas was a smashing success, with thousands of attendees and tons of developments in HVAC/R technology

By Selena Cotte, EA Managing Editor
Motors & Generators
31 Specifying the right motor for the job 
The fundamentals you need to be familiar with when writing a motor specification With trilingual summary

By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor
38 Beating the (oil) drums of war 
Matters of money and morality are suddenly among the least of a pipeline operator’s concerns

By Charlie Barks, EA Associate Editor
More Than Accounting
40 Can relocating save taxes? 
The potential benefits of moving to a low-tax state

By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor
​Pump It Up 
42 The Infrastructure Act; What’s in it for pumps? 

More than a trillion dollars is to be spent on U.S. infrastructure, and some of that money will trickle down to pumps

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

Also -- 

Comment - Good HVAC/R remains important

Let's Solve Your Problem - Answers to questions about terminology and motor application

Plant happenings  - ABB expanding Canadian plant and a Mars Wrigley plant closing

Letters - Never too young to enjoy EA; delta winding with center tap

Business - A strong quarter for HVAC/R wholesale suppliers

Names & faces  - New faces at Armstrong Fluid Technology, Tecumseh Products

New books  - William Thompson on practical motor vibration monitoring

Training & education - Getting the next generation interested in HVAC/R

Associations  - One more time: In-person conventions resume — again 1

Utilities - Utilities go beyond rebates in promoting HVAC/R upgrades

Calendar - Upcoming events on maintenance, automation, manufacturing

Know your industry  - Electric & Gas Industries Association: on a mission to educate

Speaking of . .  - . Carrier Corp. is buying out a Toshiba ownership stake

Product showcase  - What’s new in HVAC/R from Emerson, NAVAC, and Armstrong

Deaths  - Remembering Robert R. Kennedy, an early EIS sales engineer

Classified advertising  - Your monthly marketplace for equipment, businesses, and more

Cy’s Super Service  - The electrical service industry’s most prominent curmudgeon

EA puzzle  - A crossword puzzle based on EA’s January and February issues

Moe, Genny & friends - The surreal world of an anthropomorphized motor and generator

Direct & current ‘ - Price-gouging’ by a utility, and hope for hydrogen fuel cells

Advertising index  - Who’s who—and who’s where—in this issue of Electrical Apparatus


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