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Apollo '22

HECO, Relayr team up for electric motor development

Relayr, a Chicago-based digital transformations provider, has partnered with electric motor and industrial service company HECO (Kalamazoo, Mich.) to launch its first outcomes-based product line: Apollo.

"HECO's Apollo product line, which was powered by relayr's Skyler solution delivers transformative equipment reliability and performance," according to a February 15 press release.

Apollo, the companies say, is "not just remote condition-based monitoring but a holistic approach consisting of four key value drivers":

  • Asset Health Monitoring. Identify issues before they occur with continuous remote condition-based monitoring from relayr to provide active monitoring of industrial assets

  • Asset Inspection and Reporting. Industry leading detailed asset inspection, analysis, and detailed reporting

  • HECO Service and Domain Expertise. Tailored services for customer-specific needs including repair, replacement, field service, predictive maintenance, and equipment management

  • Performance Guarantee. Proactive, data driven asset maintenance alerts provide a foundation for asset performance guarantees such as guaranteeing against unalerted failures

"For more than 60 years, HECO has continually leveraged a solution-driven, customer-focused methodology to maintenance, repair and overhaul of electric motors and systems," said Lou Leuzzi, Vice President of AMER Sales for relayr. "Relayr's value-based approach to leveraging Industrial Internet of Things products such as Skyler to address customer pain points has made for a dynamic relationship with HECO, and we know Apollo will raise the bar in terms of customer satisfaction."

The launch of Apollo is reportedly only the beginning of a new portfolio of products and services stemming from the partnership between HECO and relayr. Looking ahead, HECO and relayr expect to expand Apollo's capabilities beyond condition monitoring to include verified ROI, warrantable asset performance and more.

"Inspired by the Greek God of prophecy, knowledge and truth, the name Apollo aptly speaks to the product's ability to provide enhanced clarity into system performance that enables users to minimize unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and optimize production levels," said Justin Hatfield, President for HECO. "Apollo is just the first step in HECO's digital evolution as we continue to fundamentally transform how we do business for the better while and putting our customers' needs at the center of those efforts."

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