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Schaeffler takes home honor for best IoT solution

Schaeffler was recently honored with the IMC/ 2023 Solution Award for "Best IoT Solution", the company confirmed in an email to Electrical Apparatus.

It achieved this award for its OPTIME Ecosystem, which combines smart condition monitoring and lubricant management to form one predictive maintenance solution.

Optime includes intuitive operation via mobile app, which facilitates the smooth operation of machines and facilities. It also has a simple installation method, providing what Shaeffler considers "a quick return on investment for entire plants and production facilities."

"We were already delighted to be considered as a finalist, but to have won this prestigious award is truly a testament to the hard work, dedication and innovation of our Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions team when we first set out to build an easy-to-use, cost-effective yet powerful solution to help improve reliability metrics across any manufacturing industry," said Frank Mignano, CMRP, sales manager for condition monitoring at Schaeffler. "We have accomplished that, and this award validates that our approach was the correct one. We are incredibly proud of this achievement, but we couldn't have done it without the support of our valued customers and partners."

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