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Corrosion Control

AWWA is offering a new program

To help water utilities comply with recent and potential regulations intended to better protect communities from lead exposure in drinking water, AWWA and the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA) have launched a new corrosion control eLearning program.

This new AWWA certificate program is now available. This online education program "will guide you from the chemistry of corrosion all the way through performing a corrosion control evaluation," AWWA says. Courses range in length from 2-4 hours, and are designed to be self-paced and completed in order.

With the announcements of upcoming Lead & Copper Rule Revisions, water utilities need targeted and credible resources to help craft the best lead reduction plan for their specific community, including strategies for corrosion control. This training guides participants through a decision process that experience has shown to be successful in developing corrosion control strategies.

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