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ECM PCB StatorTech makes another stride towards long-term success

Needham, Mass.-based electric motor design and software company ECM PCB Stator Tech recently named Mandy Carozza as EVP for Legal, Human Resources, and Government Affairs and Dr. Eric Ponce as Director of Research and Development.

In her role, Mandy will serve as ECM’s in-house counsel on all legal matters. She will also manage human resources development (for ECM’s fast-growing team) and act as the company’s public affairs liaison with government entities.

Mandy brings more than 15 years of valuable experience as both in-house corporate counsel and as a private practice lawyer. Prior to joining ECM, Mandy served as Vice President and General Counsel at global footwear brands Rockport and REEF. Prior to that, she was counsel at Mintz Levin in Boston, Massachusetts, where she advised and represented public and private companies on a wide variety of legal issues. Mandy holds a Juris Doctor from New England School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Tampa.

Eric Ponce joins ECM after earning his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Prior to that Ponce earned his Master of Engineering and Computer Science and B.S. in Electrical Science and Engineering degrees from MIT.

While at MIT, Dr. Ponce worked on various projects ranging from high-power EV systems to novel ultra-low-power sensing systems for IoT applications. His experience also includes work in consumer, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

"ECM is thrilled to welcome Mandy and Eric on board. They both bring invaluable experience that will add tremendous value on our journey to becoming a global electric motor design and software leader,” said ECM CEO Brian Casey.

As a company, ECM pairs patented PCB Stator innovation to PrintStator Motor CAD to create next generation electric machines that are smaller, quieter, and more energy and space efficient across a broad range of use cases. Those include Consumer Electronics, HVAC, E-Mobility, Medical, Robotics, Aerospace, and more.

ECM’s PCB Stators replace the bulky copper windings in traditional motors with an ultra-thin disc. PCB Stator motors designed via PrintStator are up to 70% lighter than conventional options—while achieving efficiencies in the mid-90s and requiring just 20% of the raw materials.

ECM has earned 14 award distinctions for its Motor CAD platform and electric motor solutions, including winning the 2024 Automation Innovation Awards for Software. The company launched PrintStator as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product in January 2024 at CES.

Mrs. Carozza and Dr. Ponce’s collective experience will support ECM’s rapid growth that has seen the firm evolve from a startup entity to a SaaS enterprise serving 21st century electric motor design needs.

“I am ecstatic to join ECM and look forward to working alongside the entire team during this exciting growth stage. It is truly exciting to join this amazing group to achieve our goals advancing disruptive electric motor technology,” said Mandy Carozza, ECM’s new EVP of Legal, HR, and Government Affairs.

“ECM is developing high-impact and exciting technologies applicable to a wide range of industries. The tight-knit team rapidly innovates, solves our customers’ toughest problems, and creates an excellent working atmosphere. I am so happy to join this world-class company and contribute to the ground-breaking technological innovation taking place at ECM,” said Eric Ponce, ECM’s new Research and Development Director.

About ECMECM PCB Stator Tech uses advanced Motor CAD and patented PCB Stator—printed circuit board—technology to create next generation electric motors for multiple applications. ECM’s award-winning PrintStator software powers the design, manufacture, and integration of PCB Stator motors that are lighter, quieter, and more energy and space efficient across a broad range of use cases. ECM d

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