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EASA 2024: Viva Las Vegas!

Scenes from this week's expo and convention in Las Vegas

What a way to start your week!

EASA members and attendees proved their fearlessness the past five days by braving 110 degree (that is not a typo) temperatures in the southern Nevada desert from Saturday to Wednesday for the 2024 EASA Annual Convention and Solutions Expo in Las Vegas.

A special shoutout to the entire EASA staff, all of whom were extremely helpful and hardworking as always, for hosting us this year. Thank you also to all the exhibitors, especially our beloved advertisers, for your participation and hard work at this year's convention! We are extremely grateful for you all, and there's no better time or place than EASA to serve as a proud reminder of the example you set for the industry.

Here are some photos from Electrical Apparatus' time at the show, and make sure you look for our complete show report and related articles in the upcoming August issue of EA! To be sure you receive this issue, please renew or add your subscription this week at this link.

Editor's Note: All photos below taken by Electrical Apparatus Magazine.

Andy Kveps, P. Eng and President of AAKI Corp. (Calgary, AB, Canada). Kveps was a first-time attendee at EASA this year, exploring opportunities for his company, which specializes in shaft-grounding technology. Look for more on AAKI in a sidebar to David Bredhold's upcoming technical article on VFDs in the August issue.

Techtop's Angela Cooper is always a vibrant, friendly presence at her own booth. Here, she finally gets a break to participate in Hyundai's arrow throw contest.

The famed "Sphere" entertainment venue, as seen on the drive in to the Las Vegas Strip.

Taylor Powell of Industrial Motor Service (Anderson, SC) makes a case for the best tattoo in the industry: an industrial electric motor!

Luke Stump, son of EMS' Cory Stump (Hilo, Hawai'i), had Techtop's hoops contest mastered by the end of the conference...and his own group of fans.

Luke Stump (see caption above) needed a new challenge after splashing so many traditional shots, so he tried out a baseball toss. Spoiler alert: He started making these, too.

Jeff Hewitt and his wife Wendy at the Synsun booth.

The monorail and High Roller.

Street performers abound outside Harrah's.

Monday's lunch with speaker Sebastian Terry, "Building an Unstoppable Mindset" , featured crowd participation such as the option to write one's own eulogy.

Eli Ramirez of EIR Services (Chihuahua, Mexico) at his first EASA show.

On Tuesday evening (6/25), WEG hosted the blue-themed "Las-WEG-as" reception.

For your Ocean's Eleven moment: The fountains at the Bellagio.

Just outside Caesar's Forum stands the High Roller Ferris Wheel.

The expo floor opens to attendees at Caesar's Forum on Day 1.

Anyone else think this was funny? If one option is "do nothing", you gotta believe most people don't bother with the other options. Leave it to Vegas!

Sebastian Terry's audience at lunch on Monday (see earlier caption for further description.)

Dean, Sammy, and Frank made an appearance at the Rat Pack reception. "How long have I been on?"

Thank you, thank you very much...for attending EASA.

ABB's "Classic Vegas" reception capped off the first day of the expo (Monday, 6/24).

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