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Gold Rush for Repair

California passes significant Right to Repair law

In a significant step for consumer empowerment, California has joined the ranks of "Right to Repair" states with the recent enactment of the Digital Fair Repair Act (SB-244).

The Repair Association, which spearheads the Right to Repair movement, is ecstatic about the passage: "This isn't merely a legislative triumph; it’s a clarion call resonating across the worlds of technology, consumer rights, and sustainability," said Matt Zieminski, Vice President of (The Repair Association) in an email to EA.

Zieminski continued: "For repair businesses, the law's passage is akin to being handed a map to a treasure island that was once forbidden territory. This isn’t merely a Californian repair gold rush; it’s a global invitation to repair businesses to re-envision a future where repairability isn’t a labyrinth but an open field. The doors to proprietary manuals, diagnostic tools, and parts are flung wide open, heralding an era where previously unfixable gadgets are now within the realm of repairability. However, this newfound liberty comes with a playbook of rules aimed at ensuring quality and security in repairs. It's an exciting challenge for shops intertwined with a bounden duty towards ethical repair practices."

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