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Jane or Shine

The first EASA award for Electrical Repair Technician goes to Jane Siebert

Jane Siebert of NorthPoint Technical Services in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada, is the first EASA member to earn the ERT certificate. This program is one of the subscriptions available through EASA’s Online Learning Center that debuted in February. 

An electric motor mechanic (EMM), Jane decided to pursue the ERT certificate because she wanted to further educate herself on electric motors. Jane has worked as an EMM for just over two years. 

It took Jane about one month to earn the certificate, and it involved working many hours on the program after work. “The program was very easy to navigate,” Jane said. 

“If someone is interested in pursuing a career in electric motors, this course offers a lot of valuable information,” Jane said. 

Jane hopes to become a technician in the future. She said that she became interested in the electromechanical profession because electric motors are going to be a forever-evolving field. “I consider that good job security,” Jane added.

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