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On a (Von) Roll

Company planning major offshore wind power applications

Von Roll announced recently that it is planning to roll out major developments in its offshore wind power applications. "High wind speeds on the coasts enable energy yields from offshore wind farms on a previously unachievable scale," the company said on its website last week. "The reliable and cost-efficient operation of these turbines has only become possible by developing extremely robust high-performance materials. Technical downtime and necessary repairs are an enormous cost factor."

Here are more details about the planned advancements:

Innovative insulation materials for wind generators

The insulation system for large wind generators recently developed by Von Roll can easily resist the highest TEAM loads (Thermal-Electrical-Ambient-Mechanical). The company's Samicabond® Plus is something it considers "a game-changer for the next generation of large offshore wind generators."

And wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger. The reason for this: As the length of the rotor blades grows, the energy output also grows exponentially. Leading manufacturers in wind energy are currently installing the Samicabond® Plus system in the world’s largest wind generators. This is creating the some of the most powerful ocean-based wind platforms to date, with an unmatched capacity factor of over 60 %.

Size to impress

»A single turn of the rotor supplies a house with electricity for two days.

»Over 240 meters, as high as Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty & the Arc de Triomphe combined. »At over 100 meters, the rotor blades are longer than a jumbo jet.

»A single wind turbine powers more than 15,000 homes.

»One turbine saves 50,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

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