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Rashida, Randomly

Anyone who's seen 'The Office' or 'Parks and Rec' will appreciate this move

Here’s one from the "extremely random, but interesting" department: Rashida Jones is teaming up with Mitsubishi.: Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) launched advertising in December to support its "Mitsubishi Motors Confidence" customer-care program, starring—of all people—actress Rashida Jones.

For the first time in its 40-plus-year history in the U.S., MMNA is partnering with a brand spokesperson, and Jones' unique blend of humor, authenticity and relatability aims to help Mitsubishi Motors break through the noise of typical automotive advertising to tell the brand's unique story. A link to the advertisement can be found here:

Actor, director, writer and producer Rashida Jones is well known for her roles in hit shows such as "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation", as well as films including "On the Rocks", "I Love You, Man" and "The Social Network". In 2019, she won a Grammy award for directing the documentary, "Quincy", about her father, Quincy Jones, a legend in the music and entertainment industry.

"I am honored to partner with Mitsubishi Motors as their first ever US brand spokesperson," said Jones. "The company has an impressive history and is now becoming relevant to a new generation of customers, especially with the Outlander SUV, and I'm excited to be a part of their success."

"Heading into the year-end shopping rush, what better way to cut through the noise and distraction of the season than launching a partnership with one of the hottest names in entertainment today, Rashida Jones," said Kim Ito, MMNA's VP of marketing. "As we were building this campaign to help broaden Mitsubishi Motors' awareness with buyers and tell the story of our new Confidence program, Rashida was our immediate choice for our first-ever brand-level spokesperson. She is witty, likeable and immediately relatable to our customers. Her presence helps us tell our unique story: our vehicles are an approachable, affordable and attainable choice for smart customers."

The ownership experience with a Mitsubishi vehicle is an award-winning one, as the company was named the top mass-market brand in J.D. Power's 2023 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study and in Reputation's 2023 Automotive Report. These awards support the brand's dealer partners' commitment to customer service, and, when coupled with the included maintenance and long warranties, showcase Mitsubishi Motors' desire to exceed all customers' expectations at every step of the ownership journey.  

The addition of the included maintenance program is expected to drive both return visits for service and encourage repeat purchases. Research has shown that satisfied service customers are 54% more likely to purchase a replacement vehicle from that dealer, and that loyal customers are more likely to complete recommended service than occasional customers as they build a trust relationship with their servicing dealer.

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