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CNH Industrial remanufacturing electrical wire harnesses

CNH Industrial Reman—a branch of the Italian-American agricultural machinery company founded in 2012—is now offering dealers access to a potentially cost-effective alternative solution for equipment repair through its Electrical Wire Harness Repair and Return Program. The program takes wire harnesses that are no longer functioning and repairs them at the point of failure, as opposed to remanufacturing or requiring customers to purchase a new part, potentially yielding time and cost savings.

The CNH Reman wire harness repair and return program is another option in addition to the company's existing remanufacturing program. "Repair is often the best choice when dealing with older equipment models that don't have Reman options available," CNH stated in a May 10 press release. "Agricultural equipment often stays in use much longer than, for example, the automotive sector."

CNH Industrial Reman product manager Josh Watkins went onto say the program is efficient and cost-effective for dealers or farmers who don't have access to new or Reman wire harnesses. This program could also be a way for dealers to help reduce their customers' downtime.

"A lot of customers are farmers and can't afford to have their equipment down for that long," Watkins said. "When they come into the dealership, they're at the mercy of the dealer until the machine is fixed. This is a way for those dealers to get their customers up and running in a shorter time."

When a wire harness is received, it will go through a 5-step inspection process to determine if repair or Reman is the best option. Once the documented damage to the part is confirmed correct, the wire harness is examined for signs of rodent damage, electrical overload, water damage and intrusion.

Additionally, CNH Reman has access to the original OEM drawings for New Holland and CASE IH equipment, allowing for a more efficient and precise repair process. "A lot of our competitors don't have access to these drawings. Because we do, we can troubleshoot and have the repairs turned around more quickly," Watkins said.

To learn more about CNH Industrial Reman's Electrical Wire Harness Repair and Return program, visit

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