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Transformer Trip

Seattle utility moves massive piece of equipment cross-country

One of America's major urban utilities posted a unique achievement this past week: moving a massive transformer across the country.

This type of work comes with the territory for many electrical utilities like those at Seattle City Light, but the equipment shown in the photos is work a look:

The transformer, roughly the weight of a Boeing 737, began in Montreal, Quebec, in late 2022, according to Seattle City Light's Claire Hood, who reported on the special feat February 21. It arrived in Vancouver after its initial journey, ultimately making its way down the Pacific Coast a bit to Seattle in order to help with demands for Super Bowl Sunday.

The 110-ton power grid transformer is now installed at East Pine Substation and has an expected lifespan of 40 to 50 years. It replaces a decades-old transformer, improving power reliability and load capacity and allowing for greater control and monitoring capabilities.

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