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Workers Electrocuted

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Five in critical condition after incident working on gutters in IL

Five workers from an Illinois gutter company were electrocuted simultaneously, then fell 25 feet to the ground in a frightening incident this Tuesday.

According to USNews, three workers were hospitalized in critical condition and two others in serious condition Tuesday "after an aluminum gutter came into contact with a power line while working on a northern Illinois home, fire officials said."

All five reportedly work for Roanoke, Illinois-based Double L Gutters, according to multiple local sources, something confirmed by LaSalle County Sheriff Adam Diss in a report released the day of the incident.

The five workers were erecting an aluminum gutter when it came into contact with a power line in the LaSalle County municipality of Grand Ridge (outside Streator) about 75 miles southwest of Chicago, officials said.

Electrical Apparatus would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the workers and their families as we wait to hear updates on their condition.


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