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Filling the motor capability gap - PM Motors for Motion Applications

by Matthew Temple, P. Eng — Outside Sales, Lafert NA

PM Motors for Motion Applications
Permanent magnet motors are ideal for automated equipment applications where induction motor performance falls short of the mark, or servo motor cost and complexity is impractical. We at Lafert have developed a series of motors that are well suited to filling this motor capability gap; the motor construction integrates the cost-effective induction motor stator housing and stator winding with high-performance permanent magnet servo motor rotor technology. The hybrid design is a highly efficient synchronous motor which outperforms induction motors and offers tremendous value for speed control applications. Lafert is an industry leader in permanent magnet motor technology and has proudly manufactured the HPS Series motors for over fifteen years. They are available from stock with standard power ratings to 50 HP for 230, 460, 575 V input. Mounting options include modular base mounts with or without standardized IEC and NEMA flanges.


October 10, 2019 at 5:00:00 AM

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