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November2022 Electrical Apparatus


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Electrical Apparatus is the monthly magazine and virtual community for electromechanical professionals who design, specify, use, sell, operate, maintain and repair electrical equipment.

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In the November 2022 EA!

Conventions & Trade Shows

16 The best in batteries 

Developers and users gathered in Michigan in September to share their knowledge about battery technology 
By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

20 Making waves 

The best and brightest in water management came together in New Orleans for Weftec 2022  
By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor
Say It Right 
18 Belt and suspenders 

In writing, redundancy is the enemy of precision

By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor 

Electric Avenue
22 The lithium-ion risk  

As the use of lithium-ion batteries has spread, some companies have come up with innovative precautions

By Carol Brzozowski, EA Contributing Writer 

Pump It Up 

​24 New rule on the efficiency of circulator pumps

The population of pumps covered by federal efficiency standards is about to expand again

By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor 


27 The post-Covid workforce

The pandemic has brought about many changes in the work place, some revolutionary, but which ones will be permanent?

By the Electrical Apparatus staff 

Motors & Generators 

31 How many starts?  

Understand the numerous factors behind a motor’s starting capability before accepting a manufacturer’s claims

With trilingual summary

By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor

More Than Accounting 

37 Flat-rate pay for technicians

Sometimes, paying by the job makes more ‘cents’ than paying by the hour 
By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor

40 In search of sustainable talent 

Renewable help is wanted!

By Charlie Barks, EA Managing Editor

Comment - The workforce at a crossroads 

Let's Solve Your Problem -  Questions about motor performance and operating conditions 

Business - WorldWide is sold and Jenkins buys a bearing maker  

Letters - .Kind words, and thanks for a public service announcement

Associations- Associations offer resources for workforce development   

Plant happenings  - New plants for Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, and Tennessee

Know your industry  - Registered Apprenticeship offers an apprenticeship hub 

Calendar  -  Upcoming meetings on manufacturing, fabrication, and HVAC/R

EA reader profile - Roland Schreier, microelectronics engineer and traveler   

Product showcase  -   What’s new from Emerson, SKF, Nidec, and Regal Rexnord  

Speaking of  - ‘Going nuclear has a new look

Names & faces - Personnel changes at Houghton International and Edwin Bohr

Deaths - Ray Saddler, Army veteran and company owner

Utilities  -   ‘A look at the changing electric utility workforce 3

Classified advertising  - Your monthly marketplace for equipment, businesses, and more

Cy’s Super Service  - The electrical service industry’s most prominent curmudgeon

EA puzzle  -  A word search puzzle with an international motto 

Moe, Genny & friends - The surreal world of an anthropomorphized motor and generator

Direct & current  -  NASA “DARTs” an asteroid, and drugs are smuggled in transformers

Advertising index  - Who’s who—and who’s where—in this issue of Electrical Apparatus


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