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Horace B. Barks 


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For the next generation - Motors, and more
Hello, and welcome to Barks Publications! 

We are B2B journalists and communicators. Our publications and digital media include:

Electrical Apparatus magazine  The ElectroMechanical Bench Reference (EMBR)  Barks Books
Direct and Current E-News  The Electrical Apparatus Show. 

Some call Electrical Apparatus "the motor magazine," because"for many years we've been known as the premier media source of information for the electrical aftermarket.

We do love motors - large and small, in factories, fields, farms, generators, utilities, shop floors, and other applications around the world.

If you, too, are into motors, there's no better media.
But today our publications are also More than Motors. We're sharing stories of the factories, distribution/repair channels, franchises, conglomerates, international initiatives, electronics, renewables, and cloud-based offerings that are redefining “electro,” “mechanical,” “sales,” “products,” and “services.”
The ideas and products we cover include pumps and wastewater, solar and wind, grids, VFD’s, CNC, test instruments, IoT-based opportunities, product design and innovation, energy storage, AI, robotics, automation, EV’s, HVAC/R, elevators, maintenance, monitoring, and anything and everything else that involves electricity, energy, and powerful ways to work.

Whether you're a seasoned professional, or just an energetic beginner, EA works for you!. 



Charlie Barks

Associate Editor

Kevin Jones

Senior Editor

Selena Cotte

Managing Editor

 John Malinowski

Special Correspondent

Barbara Wachter

Advertising Director

Richard Nailen

Engineering Editor

John D'Acunto


Myles Mellor

Crossword Puzzles

William Wiersema

Special Correspondent

Christopher Wachter

Special Correspondent

Tim Oliphant



Elizabeth Van Ness



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