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Upcoming feature preview: Apex Industrial Automation

At Electrical Apparatus, we're constantly on the lookout for exemplary businesses and operations that demonstrate the best qualities of the industries we cover. This includes family-owned businesses, commercial outfits, M&A specialists, and all-around innovators. In an upcoming issue, we'll be featuring Apex Industrial Automation, an Illinois company that exemplifies many of the traits listed above and can provide your business with a useful template for success. As a taster, here's a rundown of Apex's history:

Now approaching the 20-year mark, Apex Industrial Automation, LLC was established back in 2006. Ryan Watts started the business as an independent distributor in a small warehouse in Downers Grove, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, with just three employees. Since then, the company has acquired seven different businesses, each of which brought a "new and/or improved, value-added service for its customers," the company says. This Apex timeline is detailed below, as per the company's website:

Watts is still the current owner and President of the EASA-accredited service center. We visited Apex earlier this week, in preparation for coverage that will appear in the June EA. What we saw there was an encouraging template of how to incorporate automation into traditional industrial repair shop methods. We also witnessed a diverse range of expertise, from control panel specialties to gears, bearings, motors, and more. Look for more in the upcoming article!

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