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Burnt Out

Trusted pollster releases new figures on workforce fatigue

The latest numbers from trusted pollster Gallup aren't specifically about burnout ovens, car tire conditioning, or lighter manufacturers—but could reflect the morale and psyche of workers in all three areas.

Burnout is "too common", when considering that 28% of employees say they experience it very often or always, says the latest poll on the workplace—State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report a reflection of Gallup's 2022 findings. What's more, 44% of employees report "feeling a lot of stress the previous day," according to data collected. Burnout "has negative implications for employees and for organizations,"—this we didn't need a data analysis to figure out, as we see it and experience the effects ourselves everyday.

Other interesting factoids from the Gallup poll:

1) After dropping in 2020 during the pandemic, employee engagement is on the rise again, reaching a record-high 23%. This means more workers found their work meaningful and felt connected to their team, manager and employer. "That's good news for global productivity and GDP growth," according to Gallup.

2) Nearly six in 10 employees fell into the category of "quiet quitting"—when someone psychologically disengages from work. When combined with actively disengaged employees, low engagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion dollars, or 9% of global GDP.

3) Worldwide, 44% of employees said they experienced a lot of stress the previous day. This is the second year in a row worker stress reached record levels.

4) In 2022, the world experienced a surge in job opportunities. Every region of the world but one saw an increase in the number of workers who said now is a good time to find a job where they live. The exception was the United States and Canada region, which saw its own surge in job opportunities the year before. "The increase in available jobs signals that the world economy is open for business," Gallup added. "But employers will have to pay more attention to retaining their most talented workers as a result."

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