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Coble to CEO

Advanced Energy executive gets top job after 20 years with company

Brian Coble recently celebrated 20 years at Advanced Energy and has been named chief operating officer of the company. He had been senior vice president since 2013.

Brian’s interest in sustainability and renewable energy began taking shape at a young age, mainly thanks to his father. In the 1980s, his father completed a solar remodel of their home, and the two built solar-powered window boxes, ovens and other contraptions. This sparked an early desire in Brian to pursue a career related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Brian’s initial role at Advanced Energy was as a tester for SystemVision, a program Advanced Energy administers for low- to moderate-income developers. At that point, SystemVision was less than a year old, and Brian was one of the first Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters in all of North Carolina, meaning he had to drive across the state to perform testing. Not too long after, though, Brian got to see the rater community blossom as local home performance businesses opened.

In addition to journeying throughout North Carolina, Brian traversed the country with Advanced Energy residential expert John Tooley — one of many influential mentors Brian has had in his career. The two provided trainings and technical support for Environments for Living, a guarantee program for large homebuilders.

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