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Coming Together at the Seams

Submit your case now for an All-American award

For those of us who appreciate working with our hands, incentive for this award is twofold. You can enter to win something that supports both manual labor and reshoring businesses to America.

SEAMS, the Wake Forest, N.C., organization that champions a Made-in-USA approach to the U.S. fashion, sewn products and textile industries, and The Reshoring Initiative participated in the “Made in USA/Reshoring” panel earlier this week at the Sourcing at MAGIC event in Las Vegas (pictured below):

The panel discussion was focused on steps companies can take to increase their efforts with reshoring production for Made in the USA. Harry Moser, President of The Reshoring Initiative and Will Duncan, Executive Director from SEAMS participated in the panel.

During the session, Moser and Duncan announced the open nominations for the third Annual Sewn Products Reshoring Award; open to all companies that have successfully reshored the sewing of any product to the U.S., accelerating the Made in America movement.

“This was the perfect forum to announce this annual award with the participation in a panel aligned to our collaboration in moving production to the USA and the audience attending Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas”, stated Duncan. Moser also commented “that this panel confirms our movement is top of mind for our industry as a whole and we were thrilled to be asked to participate on this panel.”

Eligibility for this award must include production reshoring from offshore back to the U.S. or represent new production that has taken market share from imports between January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2022. There will be awards for three industry categories: cut and sew manufacturers; brands/OEMS/vertical retailers; and textile providers (products produced in the United States). Relevant companies for any sewn products are encouraged to apply.

Request for applications must be received by July 31, 2022. Final applications must be submitted by Aug 15, 2022.

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