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Johnson acquires Powertec in pump industry shake-up

Johnson Controls, the Glendale, Wisconsin-based equipment/building sustainability company, announced the acquisition of Powertec Pumps Ltd, a leading provider of pump-related services, in a move it says largely improves its fire suppression division.

Johnson Controls shows off its sustainability efforts here at its U.S. headquarters in Glendale, Wisconsin.—Johnson Controls photo

Powertec provides servicing and maintenance for commercial pumps. Having worked with the company previously, Johnson Controls is "excited to integrate Powertec into its fire suppression and wider pumps operation."

Considered experts in the maintenance and servicing of both on-site and off-site pumping operations, Powertec's specialist workforce operates across several briefs including; fire sprinkler pump systems, pump stations, clean water booster pump systems, process pump systems, rainwater harvesting, flood relief and borehole pumps.

By acquiring Powertec—a company known for its speed of service and 24-hour call-out provision—JC says it intends to better serve customers in the fire suppression sector. Alongside anticipated increased service agility, the move is expected to provide customers with additional pump services, and "open new avenues", the company said.

“We are excited to announce that we have completed the acquisition of Powertec Pumps Ltd,” said Sarah Dixon, UK&I General Manager Fire Suppression at Johnson Controls. “Powertec Pumps Ltd is one the country’s leading providers of pump-related servicing and maintenance, with a well-deserved reputation for the highest level of customer care and technical expertise. We’re looking forward to working with Powertec Pumps Ltd’s talented team while broadening our involvement in the wider pumps segment.” “We’re delighted to be joining the Johnson Controls family, over the past 15 years we’ve established a strong working relationship with the team,” said David Newman, Managing Director at Powertec. “We look forward to working with Sarah and the team to build our relationships, grow our customer portfolio and strengthen our service in the pumps field in the future.”

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