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In our next issue, we'll take a look at recent scams involving energy credits

In our next 'Energy' department column in Electrical Apparatus, we'll be taking a look at a troubling recent trend in an effort to help you identify potential scams. While energy efficiency is a hot topic, it's also being exploited by some parties to scam consumers. Here's a recent example, from the Ontario Energy Board, which reported that it had "received complaints from consumers about emails that have been made to appear to be from, endorsed by or affiliated with the OEB on how to qualify or apply for government energy rebates related to the COVID-19 pandemic" back in 2021. "The emails typically include a link to an “application form” for these rebates that requires the consumer to schedule a home energy assessment."

These emails turned out not to be from or in any way endorsed by the OEB. The OEB stated that it would not email you or call you about energy rebates unless you have reached out to us first. 

"If you receive an email promoting energy rebates, even if it includes the OEB’s name or logo, please be careful," OEB continued.

This is a piece of advice that can now apply to all similar emails.

Beware in particular of emails that are sent from @energyassistanceprogram and that refer to the “Energy Assistance Program” or the “Assistance Program”. That entity is not affiliated with or endorsed by the OEB.

Some emails include links to an website. This is not an OEB website. We are also aware of emails that are sent from that refer to “Ontario Green Savings” and that link to the website.

There are Government of Ontario and OEB programs available to help customers with their energy bills. Please visit the OEB’s website at for information about the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) and the Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP).

No energy assessment, audit, inspection or home visit is needed in order to qualify or apply for any of these programs, nor do you need to purchase any goods or other services from any company. Beware of emails from any source that state or imply that these are needed in order to access CEAP, OESP or LEAP, or that state or imply that you can apply for these programs through their website.  

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