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Not to be outdone, Cleanpower is also set for May 22-25

Do we have a trade show rivalry developing? Cleanpower 2023 (formerly AWEA), is also set to take place May 22-25 (just like Automate in Detroit) down in New Orleans. Speaking for the EA editors, both shows are bona fide powerhouses at the peak of their powers. Not to mention they're both in great American cities this year—each of which brings their own unique appeal.

While Automate's Detroit preview brought us thorough coverage of fare, outdoor events, and Detroit's automotive heart & soul, there was scarce mention of music. (As an avid fan of the geography of music, this editor would like to humbly recommend seeing some Detroit house music or visiting the original Motown Studios) Cleanpower had a layup with music in New Orleans, and it didn't botch the finish; the lineup present at the show alone includes:

James Martin Band, Jazz Trio Kinfolk Brass Band, Royal Boys Choir, Revelers & Stiltwalkers

Now, if you've every visited New Orleans, scheduled music is just the tip of the iceberg. Literally set aside 30 minutes to walk down Frenchman's Street—you'll see at least five (twenty?) live performers.

Cleanpower is also offering a cool local tour, for a price ($155!): "an exhilarating journey into the mystical swamps and bayous of southern Louisiana. You will have the opportunity to see exotic tropical plants and wildlife only found in the Louisiana wetlands."

NOTE: The capacity is limited to 50 people, so register now to secure your spot. The cost for this tour is $155.

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