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Delta Force

Taiwanese company releases new high-efficiency HVACR line

Delta Electronics, the company specializing in power and thermal management technologies (and provider of IoT-based "Smart Green Solutions") recently debuted building control, indoor air quality (IAQ), building energy management, surveillance, lighting, and industrial automation solutions that it says "integrate seamlessly to enable smarter facility management and monitoring, higher energy savings, as well as safer and more comfortable building environments." Delta is a Taiwanese company with U.S. headquarters in Fremont, California.

The aforementioned solutions were "integral for Delta’s Americas Region headquarters green building to become the second ever facility in the entire Silicon Valley, and first in the city of Fremont, California to attain the LEED Zero Energy certification last year," the company told Electrical Apparatus.

Bill Y.C. Lo, General Manager of Delta’s Building Automation Business Group, said, “As we unveil our latest innovations at the AHR Expo 2024, Delta is proud to be at the forefront of driving sustainable change in the realm of smart buildings. Our smart energy-efficient solutions reflect our commitment to creating environments that not only enhance efficiency and safety, but also contribute to the larger vision of smart cities and a net-zero future. By integrating industry-leading technologies across commercial, industrial, and residential settings, Delta is empowering users to embrace a new era of intelligent, eco-friendly living and working spaces.”

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