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Flight Risk

FAA tells Congress it will scrutinize Boeing's assembly process

In the wake of the Alaska Airlines scare, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) officially detailed its efforts in front of Congress today in investigating Boeing's safety and assembly practices.

Newly appointed FAA chief Mike Whitaker, who appeared before House members Thursday, aimed to convey a relentless scrutiny being set forth by his administration. But Whitaker and his camp are under significant pressure too, with opponents claiming it should shoulder equal blame. The House committee itself was forceful in its assertion that the FAA needed to be held accountable for the Alaska incident.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday it was formally mandating inspections in Boeing 737 MAX airplanes for loose bolts in the rudder control systems after the manufacturer recommended them in December.

A top Boeing executive on Wednesday urged suppliers to maintain the pace of the current 737 production schedule, but acknowledged that an ongoing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) audit of the company's 737 MAX production line could force changes to the schedule

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