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Avantium, Worley collaborative project underway in the Netherlands

From its Baldor plants in Arkansas to its massive European production centers, ABB certainly has a powerful international presence. Most recently, ABB is helping enable what it describes as "safer, smarter and more sustainable operations" at a new Dutch bioplastics plant.

Avantium, a pioneer in the emerging renewable and sustainable chemicals industry, is building a new plant that will support the transition to bio-based plastics to replace ones that rely on fossil-based raw materials. Located in Delfzijl, The Netherlands, the facility will use a novel technology that converts plant sugars into a next-generation plastic material called polyethylene furanoate (PEF).

PEF is a new recyclable and plant-based plastic material that offers the potentially powerful combination of positive environmental and performance features that can be used in packaging, textiles, films and other sectors. The first piling works at Avantium’s new site started in April 2022, and construction should be complete in 2024, enabling commercial launch of PEF products from 2024 onwards.

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