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Infinitum wins again

Once again, the "go beyond" motor company Infinitum has received notable recognition for its "next-generation" motors. For the second consecutive time, the prestigious Edison Awards have honored Infinitum in the Sustainable Energy category, this year with a Silver award for the company's Aircore EC , a motor system designed to bring smart motor technology to a wide range of HVAC and industrial applications.

The Edison Awards describe award criteria as based on several measures:

  • Concept

  • Value

  • Delivery

  • Impact

  • Opportunity

  • Conception

  • Method

  • Development

In the true spirit of Thomas Edison, we are looking for innovations that not only address a need and solve a problem but also seize an opportunity and create a new market or industry. And true to Edison’s work, we are interested in the overall method and development of the concept and opportunity. We would like to understand how discovery, collaboration, iteration, prototyping, etc. contributed to the conception and development of the innovation as it progressed from genesis to design and implementation.

As described in an Infinitum company press release, "Infinitum’s next-generation Aircore EC motor system offers higher levels of efficiency, power, and torque density in a smaller package that is 20% lighter than the previous version. The motor can also be tailored to fit specific application power, torque, and input current requirements, allowing customers to save on upfront electrical infrastructure costs while saving energy."

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