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Hoist: Ohio's EMH releases new line with new capabilities

Here's an email that can begin with "reaching out" and really mean it. A new line of engineered hoists can provide “built up” capabilities at less cost, says Engineered Material Handling (EMH) of Valley City, OH.

The American-made machinery company recently introduced its line of new EM Model HF engineered hoists, specially designed for heavy service Class D applications such as steel service centers, heavy steel fabricators, and precast concrete facilities, per a January 23 press release sent to Electrical Apparatus. Check out one of the new 35 ton models below:

These models can provide "traditional capabilities of specially 'built up' engineered hoists, yet at a reduced cost," EMH says.

Headquartered in Valley City, about 30 miles oustide of Cleveland, EMH designs, sells,

and manufactures a complete line of overhead material handling equipment solutions for

loads of 25 lbs. to 300 tons, and serve a variety of industries. Its offerings include bridge gantry, jib, free-standing and workstation cranes, as well as crane kits, plus custom and standard wire rope hoists and end trucks. EMH is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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