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Huntingdon Electric Motor Service opens new store

Huntingdon Electric Motor Service, the Pennsylvania service center founded in 1969, provides a model of resilience, especially in recent years.

The business endured a severe fire in 2020 along with the subsequent relocation, not to mention the strains of the pandemic and other pitfalls in the industry. Through all of it, HEMS came out fully operational, and this past month, the company even added an additional store with special welding provisions.

The welder shop is offering refurbished welding supplies and accessories for sale, reported Ashley Weaver of the Daily News, a local paper serving Raystown Country, the colloquial name for this particular area of Central PA. Electrical Apparatus spoke with HEMS in a phone call today to confirm the report.

HEMS has a longstanding relationship with General Electric—it's been an authorized distributor of GE and NECP motor parts, generator parts and related accessories since 1989, and a distributor for Homewood Products Corporation (formerly Westinghouse Renewal Parts) since 1995. The HEMS parts distribution center, via a direct link with General Electric computer networking, is able to quote cost and delivery information to the customer in some cases while they wait.

Make sure you stop by next time you're along the Juniata River.

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