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Love, Actuator

Emerson's latest product is aimed at sustainability and reliability. That's a lot of abilities!

Emerson has introduced the Fisher™ easy-Drive™ 200R Electric Actuator for use on Fisher butterfly and ball valves. When paired with these valves, the new actuator performs "accurately and reliably under the extreme conditions found in many heavy industries, particularly oil and gas installations in cold remote locations." These actuator/valve assemblies can increase uptime, improve performance, and reduce the risk of emissions posed by gas-operated systems locations, according to a January 30 press release from Emerson.

Many pneumatic valve actuators installed in remote locations are operated using natural gas, but this technology releases atmospheric emissions every time the valve is actuated. Electric actuators address this issue by eliminating control-related emissions, but existing solutions have limitations, each of which the 200R actuator is designed to address.

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