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Major Notices For Your Equipment

The latest enhancements from ABB, Nidec, Siemens

A three-for-one notice on equipment from major industrial manufacturers today, as ABB, Nidec, and Siemens all have significant news related to their products. Let's go alphabetically:

ABB robotics software. ABB Robotics has launched a new software solution it says can "transform speed and accuracy in electronics assembly." Guided by 50 years of software expertise, ABB’s High Speed Alignment software is the first to offer manufacturers the ability to increase the speed of 6-axis robots by 70 percent, and accuracy by 50 percent, according to an email from the company.

The PC-based software includes "Visual Servoing" technology using one or more cameras, combined with a computer vision system, to control the position of the robot relative to the workpiece. As the robot is moving, the cameras continuously capture image information that the computer vision system processes to cross check and adjust the robotic movements to deliver 0.01 to 0.02 millimeter precision.

Liang Rui, Managing Director for ABB’s Robotics Electronics business line said “Sales of smartphones, wearables and other high-tech devices are growing and advances in electronics are gathering pace. As devices become smaller and more powerful, new automation solutions are required to quickly and accurately place components, ensuring that production can keep pace with demand while maintaining the highest levels of product quality.”

“Our latest innovation to the RobotWare family, the High Speed Alignment software enables electronic manufacturers to increase productivity by 70% while maintaining 0.01-0.02 mm accuracy levels. This is a breakthrough technology for the electronics assembly market,” concludes Liang.

The software is compatible with ABB’s IRB 1100 and IRB 120 industrial robots.

Nidec emphasizing HVAC/R aftermarket. Nidec’s HVAC/R Aftermarket Division is launching its largest-ever expansion in the HVAC/R industry, the Japanese motor maker said in a statement via its St. Louis North American headquarters April 12. The company is increasing annual production of its U.S. Motors and Rescue brand high-efficiency variable speed motors, as well as adding its Embraco brand commercial refrigeration compressors and condensing units to the aftermarket sales line-up.

Nidec is a long-time manufacturer of both OEM and aftermarket products, including motors, drives and controls.

The manufacturing production increases in 2022 include the U.S. MOTORS lines SelecTech®, PerfectSpeed®, and EcoTech®, and the RESCUE line of replacement motors. These products drive the fans and blowers that move air throughout ventilation and temperature control systems. Variable speed technology can regulate the motor velocity according to the HVAC system’s demand, which makes it highly energy efficient.

Nidec’s acquisition of Embraco from Whirlpool in 2019 expanded the company’s presence in compressors and condensing units for light commercial refrigeration. In 2021 the line was folded into the HVACR Aftermarket U.S. MOTORS division, making it easier for distributors to offer a broad portfolio of products.

“With this reorganization, we’re now able to offer one-stop shopping for distributors in the HVACR industry,” said Ryan Wade, Sales and Marketing Vice President at Nidec HVACR Motors. “Essentially our customers can turn to a single Nidec team made up of customer service, sales and training specialists, who are all on the same page with our aftermarket product solutions.”

The company is also increasing its focus on IAQ (indoor air quality) initiatives in 2022, an undertaking that is especially important as Covid-19 continues to impact indoor environments. Nidec’s electronically commutated motors (ECMs) allow for a significant increase in air filtration, while also offering the benefit of up to 75 percent better energy efficiency when operating in continuous mode.

Siemens' Russelectric power control. Russelectric, a Siemens business based in Hingham, Mass., and manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, offers its robust and reliable Emergency Power System which provides backup power during a utility power loss. The paralleling switchgear systems offer redundant programmable logic controller (PLC) controls and manual backup capability. Trusted by the largest critical facilities in the world, the Russelectric Emergency Power System has been used by hospitals, data centers, telecommunications and banking facilities, as well as airports, water and wastewater treatment plants, and renewable energy facilities.

Complete systems are custom designed and fully manufactured by Russelectric. All systems are UL listed and can incorporate such sophisticated control functions as peak shaving and load curtailment. Russelectric paralleling systems incorporate dual, redundant, hot synchronized PLCs for system control. The unique system design allows manual start and synchronization of generator sets if automatic controls malfunction. Discrete switches, meters and control devices are standard to allow manual control capability in the event that both system PLCs fail.

Designed for maximum safety and operating simplicity, the systems are supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)-capable. A 23-inch LCD HMI touchscreen display enables operators to view system one-line diagrams, alarms, and setpoints.

Load demand sensing determines the number of engine generators in operation based on the loading. The system permits first priority loads to transfer to the connected engine generator set, while delaying the transfer of lower priority loads until additional generator capacity has been connected. Lower priority loads then transfer to the emergency power system as generator sets are added to the bus.

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