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Tune in to a webinar featuring utilities, energy experts

As the energy sector becomes increasingly unpredictable, one method we hear a lot about is microgrids. Whether it's companies turning to integrated power sources, or residential pockets creating their own grid-within-a-grid, the technology is promising in many ways. Yet, since it is still fairly underdeveloped, it requires some specialized knowledge.

Presented by POWER, and hosted by Darrell Proctor (Senior Associate Editor for the media outlet) and Wissam Balshe, director of Minnesota-based Cummins Energy Management Solutions, the webinar entitled From the Lab to the Field – Making the Most of Your Microgrid will air at 3 PM Eastern next Wednesday. Registration is free.

Cummins Power Generation is unveiling its "state-of-the art" microgrid lab at its facility in Minnesota. The Power Integration Center, or PIC, "allows for a myriad of configurations for microgrid assets," the company said, which are designed for testing and validation for organizations that are planning for a greener future. Balshe will discuss how the integration of fuel cells, battery energy storage systems, solar panels, and natural gas and diesel-powered generators can create a sustainable and reliable power solution that can work in a variety of applications. Attendees will learn:

  • How microgrids can be designed for specific installations, based on location, business purpose, and sustainability goals

  • How different technologies can be integrated in a microgrid

  • How a battery energy storage system (BESS) enhances resiliency and reliability

  • Why gas- and diesel-powered generators remain important for backup power

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