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Nidec Adds Houma

Louisiana shop improves company's service offerings

Nidec Corporation—the major motor manufacturer based in Kyoto, Japan with U.S. headquarters in St. Louis—announced July 4 that it has acquired full ownership of TAR, LLC d/b/a Houma Armature Works, a privately owned US company, from its founding family, through the company’s subsidiary, Nidec Motor Corporation. As a result of the transaction, Houma became a consolidated subsidiary of Nidec, as outlined further here in a July 4 news release.

Houma, which employs 94 people, has long had a strong foothold in the oil and gas-rich Louisiana/Texas region. Founded in 1972, Houma is a service partner which remanufactures motors and generators and provides field service to oil and gas producers, operating out of the two aformentioned states. The end-users they service work are on- and off-shore drilling, marine and wind renewable energy power generator manufacturers, including Kato Engineering, Leroy-Somer, and US Motors, all of which are under the Nidec umbrella.

In addition to providing services for various motor manufacturers, Houma has bases near the most active oil and gas extraction areas in United States and Mexico and offers speedy services to many of the largest oil and gas producers.

The acquisition of Houma is part of NMC’s strategy to be competitive in both product and aftermarket spaces to accelerate profitable growth., the company says. "Through this acquisition, NMC will be able to enhance its service offering, including expanding its share within its own U.S. installed base, and Houma will be able to provide services to NMC’s customers."

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